Brooklyn's Urban Farms Are Changing How People Eat And Buy Groceries

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Photo: Flickr / See-ming Lee 李思明 SML

In Brooklyn, the urban farming movement is changing how its community views nutrition and grocery shopping, hundreds of families at a time.  Child Development Support Corp. is one food pantry and hydroponic farm where the plants don’t require any soil or sunlight and people shop and take workshops on growing their own food (via/NY Daily News’ Lore Croghan).

Healthy produce like dark-leaf lettuce, bok choy and collared greens are all up for grabs. The pantry’s revolutionised the way the community eats, and all for the better as health care and so-called budget foods continue to rise. 

Brooklyn’s urban farming movement promotes healthy habits that cut household budgets. 

Food sustainability and preservation are at the heart of the culture, but shirking overpriced, commercialized goods (hello, Walmart) in favour of homegrown fare has also been part of its mission. 

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