A Brooklyn Teacher Gets To Keep Her Job After Hateful Facebook Rant

classroomNot Christine Rubino’s students

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Brooklyn teacher is now facing only a two-year suspension for suggesting on Facebook that her students should drown and are “the devils spawn.”A Department of Education arbitrator initially ruled that Flatbush-area teacher Christine Rubino should be fired for her post, which came just a day after 12-year-old Nicole Suriel drowned on a school trip to a Long Island beach, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

However, when Rubino appealed the recommendation, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe ruled the proposed punishment was too harsh.

Jaffe agreed Rubino’s statements were “repulsive,” but ruled that since they were made outside the school building, after hours, and to adult Facebook friends, firing the teacher was uncalled for.

The case was sent back to the arbitrator, who ultimately recommended Rubino be suspended for two years and rejected her request for back pay, according to the Post.

Rubino plans to appeal the arbitrator’s second decision, claiming she has “suffered enough,” the Post reported.

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