Sunglasses Salesman Gets Prison Time For Threatening Unhappy Customers

vitaly borkerVitaly Borker

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / U.S. Marshals Service

A counterfeit sunglasses salesman was sentenced to four years in prison Thursday for making violent threats against women customers who complained about getting ripped off, The New York Post reported.Vitaly Borker, who owned, pleaded guilty in May 2011 to fraud and sending threatening messages to clients but denied charges that he said he would rape or murder them.

In a letter to his probation officials, Borker said he wrote the threatening e-mails to scare customers away but had no intention of carrying them out. He attributed his actions to “exhaustion and frustration,” The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog reported last month.

“You didn’t actually put a knife to someone’s throat, but you got the satisfaction that they felt you would,” said Manhattan federal Judge Richard Sullivan in his ruling, according to The Post.

Judge Sullivan ordered Borker to pay a $50,000 fine and additional restitution to his clients of $46,000.

Borker’s lawyer denounced the ruling as “a revenge proceeding,” and said he would appeal, The Post reported.

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