41 celebrities you probably forgot appeared on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

NBCUniversal TelevisionNick Offerman was on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is returning for its sixth season.
  • The show has featured a number of guest stars so far.
  • Actors including Pete Davidson and Eva Longoria have appeared.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine” features a large cast of loveable and wacky characters.

And between criminals, family members of the Nine-Nine’s employee, and fellow public service members, there are plenty of opportunities to add colourful guest stars into the mix.

Celebrities, such as Maya Rudolph and Nick Offerman, have been on the show.

Fox canceled “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” in 2018, but NBC saved it less than 24 hours later, so now there’s even more opportunity for cameos.

Here are 41 celebrities you might have forgotten have been on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” returns Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

Patton Oswalt joined the cast as FDNY Fire Marshal Boone for two episodes on season one.

NBCUniversal TelevisionPatton Oswalt on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He refuses to let Jake and Charles visit a crime scene when their favourite pizza place burns down. He returns a few episodes later for a football game between FDNY and the Nine-Nine.

Jake met Katie Peralta, his half-sister played by Nasim Pedrad, on season five.

NBCUniversal TelevisionNasim Pedrad on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

She’s good at conning people.

Niecy Nash guest-starred on season three as Debbie, Holt’s younger sister.

NBCUniversal TelevisionNiecy Nash on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

Debbie is dramatic.

Pete Davidson is an at-risk kid named Steven on season one.

NBCUniversal TelevisionPete Davidson on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He attends a Junior Police program at the Nine-Nine.

Fred Armisen is introduced on the pilot as Mlepnos, a man in an apartment building where a murder is being investigated.

NBCUniversal TelevisionFred Armisen on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He pops up a few more times.

Adam Sandler plays himself on the first season.

NBCUniversal TelevisionAdam Sandler on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He interrupts Jake’s auction and is mean to him.

Kid Cudi is a convict named Dustin Whitman on season one.

NBCUniversal TelevisionKid Cudi on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He’s arrested without proper evidence.

Jenny Slate plays Bianca, the mistress to a mafia guy.

NBCUniversal TelevisionJenny Slate on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

She’s loyal to her lover.

Nick Kroll is a Homeland Security agent named Kendrick.

NBCUniversal TelevisionNick Kroll on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He’s in charge of a counter-terrorism drill on season two.

Bill Hader plays Captain Seth Dozerman, a cop who briefly replaces Captain Holt.

NBCUniversal TelevisionBill Hader on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He only lasts one episode.

Nick Offerman is Frederick, one of Holt’s ex-boyfriends.

NBCUniversal TelevisionNick Offerman on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He holds grudges.

Maya Rudolph is U.S. Marshall Karen Haas.

NBCUniversal TelevisionMaya Rudolph on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

She helps the team when Holt is in Witness Protection.

Jorma Taccone, who’s part of Lonely Island with Andy Samberg, plays Taylor, the manager at Fun Zone in Florida.

NBCUniversal TelevisionJorma Taccone on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

Holt works for him when he is in witness protection.

Ken Marino stepped in as Captain Jason “C.J.” Stentley on season four.

NBCUniversal TelevisionKen Marino on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He briefly replaces Captain Holt when Holt is sent to Florida for witness protection.

Eva Longoria plays Defence Attorney Sophia Perez on season two.

NBCUniversal TelevisionEva Longoria on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

She briefly dates Jake.

Chris Parnell plays Geoffrey Hoytsman, a public defender and Sophia’s boss.

NBCUniversal TelevisionChris Parnell on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He doesn’t like Jake.

Jimmy Smits plays Victor Santiago, Amy’s dad, on season four.

NBCUniversal TelevisionJimmy Smits on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

Jake meets Victor during Thanksgiving.

Danny Trejo is Rosa’s father, Oscar Diaz.

NBCUniversal TelevisionDanny Trejo on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He doesn’t initially accept his daughter coming out as bisexual.

Kathryn Hahn is Eleanor Horstweil, Charles’ ex-wife.

NBCUniversal TelevisionKathryn Hahn on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

She’s mean to Charles.

Sterling K. Brown plays Philip Davidson, a dentist.

NBCUniversal TelevisionSterling K. Brown on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He’s interrogated for murder.

Katey Sagal plays Jake’s mum, Karen Peralta.

NBCUniversal TelevisionKatey Sagal on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

Jake’s parents are divorced.

“Get Out” star Bradley Whitford joined the cast as Jake’s dad, Roger Peralta, on season two.

NBCUniversal TelevisionBradley Whitford on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

He’s a pilot and briefly appears again on season three.

His “Get Out” co-star Stephen Root played Lynn Boyle, Charle’s dad, on season two.

NBCUniversal TelevisionStephen Root on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

Lynn ends up marrying Gina’s mum, Darlene.

Dennis Haysbert, whom some may know for the Allstate Commercials he stars in, plays FBI agent Bob Annderson.

NBCUniversal TelevisionDennis Haysbert on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He works with the Nine-Nine to track a criminal organisation.

Jim O’Heir plays a homophobic Florida cop named Sheriff Reynolds.

NBCUniversal TelevisionJim O’Heir on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He’s not good at his job.

Garret Dillahunt plays Detective Dave Majors, a cop with the 93rd precinct.

NBCUniversal TelevisionGarret Dillahunt on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

Jake thinks Dave is one of the best detectives in the NYPD.

Lest fans forget, Zooey Deschanel appears on season four as her “New Girl” character Jess Day.

NBCUniversal TelevisionZooey Deschanel on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

“New Girl” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” had a crossover.

Matt Walsh periodically pops up as Lohank, a weekend detective at the Nine-Nine.

NBCUniversal TelevisionMatt Walsh on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He has appeared on seasons two, three, and four.

Gina Gershon causes trouble as Lieutenant Melanie Hawkins, who works for the NYPD.

NBCUniversal TelevisionGina Gershon on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

She’s a dirty cop.

Nathan Fillion plays an actor named Mark Deveraux on the fourth season.

NBCUniversal TelevisionNathan Fillion on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He plays an actor who plays a detective.

Ed Helms is Jack Danger, a rude United States Postal Inspection Service agent.

NBCUniversal TelevisionEd Helms on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He’s on season two.

Craig Robinson has appeared on at least one episode each season as Doug Judy, a thief and con-artist.

NBCUniversal TelevisionCraig Robinson on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He is Jake’s enemy, but the two also have a weird friendship.

Nick Cannon is Captain Holt’s nephew, Marcus.

NBCUniversal TelevisionNick Cannon and Andre Braugher on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

Marcus and Rosa have a brief relationship.

Ryan Phillippe plays Charles’ cousin, Milton Boyle.

NBCUniversal TelevisionRyan Phillippe on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He’s the father of Gina’s daughter.

Blake Anderson is Constantine Kane, an ex-boyfriend of Amy’s.

NBCUniversal TelevisionBlake Anderson on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He’s a musician.

Andy Richter is a doorman who gets annoyed with Jake and Charles.

NBCUniversal TelevisionAndy Richter on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

Tim Meadows is Caleb, Jake’s cellmate on season five.

NBCUniversal TelevisionTim Meadows on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He’s in prison for cannibalism.

Damon Wayans Jr. is Detective Stevie Schillens of the 98th precinct.

NBCUniversal TelevisionDamon Wayans Jr. and Andy Samberg on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He and Jake used to be partners.

Kyra Sedgwick is Madeline Wuntch, Holt’s former captain and now rival.

NBCUniversal TelevisionKyra Sedgwick on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

Wuntch is introduced on season two when she visits the Nine-Nine to assess Holt’s team. She and Holt butt heads on seasons two and three.

Jason Mantzoukas plays Adrian Pimento, a detective who had been undercover for 12 years.

NBCUniversal TelevisionJason Mantzoukas on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

He is introduced on season three where he and Rosa eventually get engaged. He fakes his death and goes on the run to escape from a mob boss who wants him dead. He returns on season four and begins to work as a private investigator. On season five, he and Rosa break up.

Gina Rodriguez is Alicia, a potential love interest for Rosa.

NBCUniversal TelevisionGina Rodriguez on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.’

She could come back.

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