IT’S OFFICIAL: The Brooklyn Nets Are Way Worse When Beyonce Doesn’t Show Up

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We’re one month into the existence of the Brooklyn Nets, and we can confidently say that the team is better when Beyonce shows up at the Barclays centre.

The Brooklyn Nets haven’t won a game at home since Beyonce attended their big overtime win over the Knicks on Nov. 26.

Numbers don’t lie. Here’s the Beyonce-No Beyonce split of the team’s home record:

  • Beyonce in attendance: 3-0
  • Beyonce not in attendance: 4-4

Beyonce went to the Raptors came on opening night, the Clippers game on the day after Thanksgiving, and the first game against the Knicks. All wins.

She didn’t go to games against the T-Wolves, Thunder, Warriors, and Bucks. All losses.

The Nets are 2-0 against winning teams when Beyonce shows up. They are 1-3 against winning teams when she doesn’t show up.

Statistically, the team seems to really lock things down on defence when Beyonce is courtside. They’re letting up 88.3 points per game when Beyonce shows up, and 98.4 points per game when she doesn’t.

You could argue that the team’s recent 0-3 skid at home is a result of playing good teams while Brook Lopez is out injured.

OR, you could argue that it’s all Beyonce.

We’ll say it’s all Beyonce. Something to keep an eye on.