The Brooklyn Nets' Starting Lineup Alone Will Cost Mikhail Prokhorov $312 Million

prokhorov nba nets

Photo: AP

The Brooklyn Nets completed their starting lineup by resigning Kris Humphries to a two-year, $24 million deal today.In just a few weeks the Nets have put together what looks like a great starting five on paper. But it’s also a massively expensive starting five — $312 million to be exact.

The rundown:

  • PG: Deron Williams ($98 million over five years)
  • SG: Joe Johnson ($89 million over four years)
  • SF: Gerald Wallace ($40 million over four years)
  • PF: Kris Humphries ($24 million over two years)
  • C: Brook Lopez ($61 million over four years)

Mikhail Prokhorov is worth ~$13.2 billion, so $312 million over five years is nothing. But once you start filling out a roster and consider the luxury tax implications of have such a pricey roster, the real cost of paying several players big money grows exponentially.

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