A Brooklyn Grocery Store Is Using Scent Machines To Increase Its Sales

Scent machine

Photo: CBS

A Net Cost supermarket in Brooklyn has mounted specialised scent machines on its walls that fill the store with smells of fresh baked bread, chocolate, and grapefruit.According to CBS the scents are specific to the department — bread for the bakery, grapefruit in the produce section etc.

Manufactured by ScentAir, the machines are capable of producing up to 350 distinct smells and run about $5,000 apiece.

The store’s merchandise coordinator, Angelina Khristichenko, says she installed the machines two months ago after hearing about them overseas. “I think because of these machines it makes customers hungrier,” she said. Brill explained the goal is simple – make customers hungry, and in turn, they’ll open up their wallets.

Sales in the grocery’s produce department, Brill reported, have gone up at least seven per cent. So with each machine costing $99 a month, this market says it’s made a good investment. Khristichenko told CBS News, “So far so good, everyone’s enjoying it, everyone loves it.”

Watch the video at CBS Early Show.

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