Foie Gras-Filled doughnuts Spark Outrage Around The World

doughnutsFoie gras-free doughnuts.

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Foie gras-filled doughnuts from Brooklyn’s Do or Dine restaurant sound like the ultimate guilty pleasure — a French delicacy encased in a soft, fluffy confection.But vegan blogger Annie Hartnett wants you to feel guilty for other reasons.

“Birds should not have to suffer for doughnuts,” the animal advocate writes in a petition to Do or Dine. Hartnett is referring to the process of making Foie gras, which is obtained by force-feeding birds corn through a metal tube to quickly fatten them up. 

Hartnett’s petition has garnered 872 signatures so far, sparking international online doughnut warfare. 

Hartnett believes Do or Dine’s foie gras comes from Hudson Valley Foie Gras in New York, the largest foie gras farm in the country.

Do or Dine chef Jeff Warner responded to the uproar telling Gothamist, “people all over the world are signing this petition, condemning us, telling us we’re monsters, but the one per cent of people who are actually coming here and eating them are pretty jazzed.”

A counter-petition has also been launched stating the only crime would be to “stop making them [the doughnuts] several times a day before I have a chance to come and try them. It adds, “I’m willing to suffer for doughnuts.” The letter has 258 signatures so far.

Even if you don’t feel like a cold-blooded goose killer for engorging on liver-stuffed treats, be prepared to pay a hefty price for the gluttonous dessert. The contentious crullers sell for $11 a pop and are on the menu Wednesday through Saturday. 

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