Face It, The Real Reason The Broncos Are Winning Has Nothing To Do With Tim Tebow

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The Denver Broncos are winning despite Tim Tebow.They’ve essentially put him in a bubble — dumbing down the offensive scheme and playing so conservatively that he can only have a slight positive or negative effect on the game.

His job is to run the zone read on first and second downs, not turn the ball over when he’s forced to throw on third and long, and then sit and hope he gets good field position so he squeak out some points.

The real reason Denver is winning is that the defence has found itself.

In four of Tebow’s five wins as a starter, the defence has allowed 15 points or less. In contrast, the Broncos D allowed 23 or more points in all but one of poor Kyle Orton’s starts.

So unless you’re going to argue that Tebow’s sheer presence made Denver’s defence better, the Broncos turnaround happened independent of Tebowmania.

Point to Von Miller’s leap into super-stardom, Elvis Dumervil’s health, or Brian Dawkins’ spontaneously rejuvenated legs.

But you can’t realistically look at this Denver team and say Tebow is the reason they’re in playoff contention.