BOOKIE: Patriots-Broncos Will Be The Most Heavily Bet NFL Game Of The Year By Far

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Today’s juicy matchup between Tim Tebow’s Broncos and Tom Brady’s Patriots will be the biggest bet NFL game of the season, Reno bookmaker Chris Andrews told’s RJ Bell this morning.And it “won’t be close.” 

Considering the fact that “stand alone” games on Sunday and Monday nights typically draw the most action, it’s notable that a Sunday afternoon game is generating so many bets.

But then again, we’ve got America’s most polarising team against America’s most polarising athlete.

The line opened as low as -4.5 in favour of the Patriots. But it has sense skyrocketed all the way up to -7.5 at many books.

Translation: Tebowmania is a myth! Bettors are lining up to bet against him.

70% of all bets are on New England, and while there doesn’t appear to be heavy wise guy action on this game, the fact that the line has moved so dramatically suggests that the sharps like New England too.

So it’s official, no one believes in the Tebows.