The Most Ominous Sign Yet That Peyton Manning Is A Shell Of His Former Self

Peyton Manning Denver Broncos can't air it out

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If the Broncos had to throw a hail mary at the end of last night’s game against the Falcons, they were going to bring in back-up QB Brock Osweiler to do it, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post.There have been rumblings that Peyton Manning’s arm strength is a huge issue during the preseason, and this is the most ominous sign yet.

Here’s what Osweiler said:

“I was going in for the Hail Mary. I’m not sure what the dividing line was as far as me going in, but I was getting ready to go in.”

Osweiler is 6’7″ and by all accounts has a cannon arm. But still, replacing a starting QB with a back-up to throw a long pass NEVER happens.

Manning had 3 INTs in the first quarter last night. This morning, Jason Lisk of Big Lead Sports wrote an excellent post about his struggles with the deep ball this season.

Here’s the money stat from the first two games:

Short throws — 39 of 54 (72.2%), 423 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INT

Deep throws — 4 of 9 (44.4%), 71 yards, 1 TD, 3 INTs

Maybe he still needs some time to get back in game shape, but for now, this is not a good sign for Broncos and Manning fans.