Despite Making The Playoffs, These Teams Now Have Worse Odds To Win The Super Bowl Than They Did Before The Season

Tim Tebow

[credit provider=”Jeffrey Beall, Flickr Creative Commons”]

Prior to the season, the Atlanta Falcons were one of the favourites to win the Super Bowl at just 14/1. But despite being just one of 12 teams still standing, and after winning 10 games, including eight of their final 11, the Falcons are now a long-shot at 35/1.And they are not the only team. According to, two other teams also have less of a chance of winning the Super Bowl now than they had prior to the season.

The Detroit Lions opened the year at 35/1 and are now 40/1. And the Houston Texans started 30/1 and are now 40/1.


But these aren’t the longest-shots. The Denver Broncos (50/1) and the Cincinnati Bengals (65/1) both need a miracle. And if you want to bet on a miracle, keep in mind that the Broncos have Tim Tebow, and the Bengals have a rap sheet.



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