Report: Broncos Top Brass Don’t Think Peyton Manning Can ‘Air It Out’

Peyton Manning Denver Broncos can't air it out

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We’ve already detailed some of the concerns regarding Peyton Manning’s return to football after two preseason games. Specifically, throwing into heavy coverage and not having enough height on his throws.Like we and everyone else said during his free agency period and since he signed with the Denver Broncos, we just don’t know if Peyton is all the way back or if he’ll ever be.

Now comes another potential red flag from Yahoo! Sports NFL writer Michael Silver.

Silver and former NFL running back Eddie George recently discussed whether or not Peyton would have to become more of a game manager in Denver.

The short answer was yes, but here’s the key quote from Silver (emphasis ours):

“I’ve been pleased with what I’ve seen with his arm in terms of the short and intermediate stuff. But if you talk to Broncos higher-ups they’ll say, ‘We’re not totally sure he can air it out.’ Sure you can get by on short and intermediate tosses for most of your quarterbacking existence, but I think the problem is if opposing defensive coordinators start to suspect that he can’t beat you deep maybe they pack it in and he starts getting the Chad Pennington treatment.”

Watch the full discussion: