Celebrating Broncos fans got duped by an ESPN correspondent pretending to be a player

Reese Waters is a lot of things, including comedian and commentator for ESPN. One thing he is not, is a Super Bowl champion who plays for the Denver Broncos. But that didn’t stop a lot of Broncos fans from thinking he was.

Following the Super Bowl, Waters took to downtown Santa Clara, near Levi’s Stadium, to see if he could convince celebrating fans that he was one of the players.

His entire disguise consisted of a Super Bowl champions cap…

… and a television crew “to document everything that happened my Super Bowl week.”

He didn’t even use any real players’ names or make one up. He told everybody his real name and they still fell for it. He even autographed items, “Reese Waters” and in at least one instance, “Reese Waters, #105.”

Luckily this fan only got duped on a foam Broncos head.

This fan had Waters autograph his Gucci belt.

Broncos fans were eager to take photos of Waters.

He even converted at least one Panthers fan who vowed to go home that night and order a Reese Waters Broncos jersey.

You can watch all the absurdity here:

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