The Tim Tebow Experiment Is Quietly Dangling By A Thread

tim tebow getting sacked

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The Tim Tebow bubble has burst … or at least deflated.After he got smoked by the Patriots two weeks ago and played like crap in Buffalo last week, the fate of the Tebow experiment is on the line this Sunday when the Broncos play Kansas City.

If Denver wins, the Broncos salvage the division crown and host a playoff game.

If they lose and Oakland wins, things get a lot more interesting.

Tebow will have lost his last three games, the team will sit with a mediocre 8-8 record, and the Tebowmania that enveloped the sports world for most of December will have been a long fad — a meme-tastic passing storm rather than the new status quo.

Despite Tebow’s stunning win streak a few weeks ago, team personnel head John Elway never fully committed to Tebow. If the Broncos miss the playoffs, it’s safe to say that Elway will reevaluate things, and there will be a huge question mark at the quarterback position in Denver.

Tebow won’t be done in Denver if he loses on Sunday.

But he’ll be back to square one.