A New Broker Says Johnny Manziel Sold His Autographs For $US7,500

A second autograph broker has claimed
Johnny Manziel sold his autographs, ESPN’s Joe Schad reports.

The broker says Manziel was paid $US7,500 for signing 300 pieces of memorabilia in a Connecticut hotel room in January of this year.

The details make everything about this story look incredibly shady.

The broker says he secretly filmed Manziel signing the items.

He showed the video to Schad.

Schad says the video doesn’t show Manziel accepting money, and at one point Manziel declines when the broker asks him if he wants money for additional inscriptions.

Schad says that Manziel tells the broker not to tell anyone about the signing in the video.

The broker told ESPN that Manziel wanted to buy rims with the alleged $US7,500 payment.

In another twist, the broker said he wasn’t going to cooperate with any NCAA investigation into Manziel.

As we wrote this morning, the NCAA needs either a paper trail or a smoking gun (video of Manziel physically taking cash). It doesn’t look like this story will provide either of those, especially with the key witness refusing to testify.

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