A huge collection of cars driven by the late Australian racing legend Peter Brock are up for sale -- here's a look


As many as 28 of the late Australian racing legend Peter Brock’s iconic prized race cars will be going under the hammer in September in Bathurst.

Lloyd’s Auctions Queensland will be handling the sale, which is the largest collection of Brock’s race cars in the world.

The cars in this collection are extremely rare and will be well-known to Brock fans around the world.

The collection includes Brock’s most famous ride, “The Big Banger” HDT Commodore VK Group C, along with many more that have dominated the Bathurst race track over the years.

SuppliedThe Big Banger HDT Commodore VK Group C

Head Lloyd’s auctioneer Bill Freeman says “our recent sale of the Ford GTHO Phase 3 Falcon selling for over $1 million shows that the interest and passion for Australian-made cars is still there.”

“It could be the last time ever to see them all together.”

“This auction has a purpose and not only honors Brocky but will mark a truly special time in Aussie motoring history for enthusiasts in years to come,” he says.


Holden Dealer Team owner and Brock’s friend Peter Champion amassed the collection over several years and sold it in June to an unknown buyer, who is now selling them individually at auction.

There was one car that Champion kept though, the 2006 Daytona that tragically claimed Brock’s life during a rally event in Perth in 2006.

To give some indication of how in-demand vintage Commodores are, a 30-year old model that had never been registered sold in April for $340,000.

Here is the list of the 28 race cars up for auction in September:

  • 1969 Monaro GTS 350
  • 1971 HDT Torana XU2
  • 1972 HDT Torana GTR XUI 28C
  • 1973 HDT Torana GTR XU1
  • 1973 Targa Torana GTR XU1
  • 1974 HDT L34 Torana
  • 1978-79 HDT A9X Torana
  • 1981 HDY VC Commodore
  • 1982 VH HDT Commodore
  • 1983 VH HDT Commodore
  • 1985 HDT VK Commodore
  • 1986 HDT VK Commodore
  • 1987 HDT VL Commodore
  • 1989 Ford Sierra
  • 1992 VP Commodore
  • 1994 VR Rally Commodore
  • 1995 HRT VR Commodore
  • 1997 HRT VS Commodore
  • 2001 Targa VU Ute
  • 2002 Targa Monaro Red
  • 2002 VX Commodore
  • 2004 Targa Monaro Black
  • The Big Banger HDT Commodore VK Group C
  • Austin A7
  • Austion A30
  • Chevy Monza Sports Sedan
  • ‘The Beast’ HDT Torana
  • V8 Supercar

More will be added to the list as owners of other cars in the collection come forward to offer their cars for auction.

A date for the auction will be finalised in the coming weeks. This post will be updated once the date has been set.

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