Broadway Suffered Its Worst Attendance In 8 Years

Annie final party scene photo

The lights are looking dim on Broadway, which suffered its worst attendance record in eight years during the 2012-2013 season, according to Bloomberg’s Philip Boroff.

The total box office take was similar to last year’s, but ticket prices were up $6 from last year, to an average of $98 a ticket.

There are a few factors to blame for the dip in attendance:

  1. Hurricane Sandy: The Superstorm shuttered theatres for four days, costing shows more than $8.5 million in lost revenue, according to the AP.
  2. The increase in ticket prices: “There is no goodwill left among theatergoers,” Michael Taustine, treasurer of the Lyceum Theatre, told Bloomberg. “They are resentful and angry at the arrogance of Broadway pricing policies.”
  3. Dark theatres: 13 of Broadway’s 40 theatres are currently dark, an “unusually large” number for the weeks before the Tony awards, according to Bloomberg.

 Even stars like Tom Hanks and Bette Midler, who drew big crowds, couldn’t save the season, noted Boroff. 

Shows including “Orphans,” ”The Testament of Mary,” ”Hands on a Hardbody,” ”Jekyll & Hyde” and “The Performers” opened and closed quickly, making it hard for sales to recover, noted the AP.

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