Broadcast Of Monday Night Football Game Began In The Worst Way Possible

With an 0-8 team and the dark cloud of the Miami Dolphins bullying scandal, the last thing the NFL needed on Monday night was to remind the fans that it still has an ongoing concussion crisis. But that is exactly what happened during ESPN’s coverage of pre-game warm-ups.

Prior to the Monday Night Football matchup, ESPN cameras zoomed in on Cameron Wake and Jared Odrick of the Dolphins just as Wake grabbed Odrick and intentionally slammed their helmets together several times. To make matters worse, Wake appeared to be dazed by the contact and even grabbed what may have been smelling salts from a trainer. Smelling salts are often used by football players to help regain a full state of consciousness or to increase alertness.

While intentionally banging helmets is a common practice among football players, this is not a good look for a league that is trying to convince the public that they take head injuries seriously and are doing everything possible to minimize them. Here is the scene…

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