12 of the best outfits on 'Broad City'

Comedy CentralThere are plenty of enviable outfits on ‘Broad City.’

In a world with countless television comedies centered on best friends living in New York – “Sex and the City,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “Friends” – “Broad City” stands out among the pack with its out-there outfits.

The show, which stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, will return for his fifth and final season on Comedy Central in early 2019.

Here are 12 iconic fashion moments from the show.

Ilana’s “white power” suit from “Mochalatta Chills” was the perfect find.

Comedy CentralIt’s quite the look.

“Broad City” Costume Designer Staci Greenbaum spoke to Fashionista about the search for Ilana’s perfect power suit in season two episode two: “We tried a couple of things. Some were really bad; some were, like, cropped pants, and we just couldn’t. And then we found this amazing Tommy Hilfiger suit that read more like a cotton, which we really liked. Then we were able to make that whole sticker joke: She just bought it, she’s wearing it, she’s so pleased and she has the sticker still on it.”

Abbi’s alter ego Val sported a tuxedo jacket with tights in “Hashtag FOMO.”

Comedy CentralIt’s an unforgettable look.

In season two episode five, Abbi drunkenly reveals to Ilana that she has a lounge act as a serenading singer named “Val.”

Her outfit, paired with her Judy Garland accent, presented a dazzling new side to Abbi that viewers had never seen before.

In “Destination Wedding” Ilana classed up an old catering uniform.

Comedy CentralShe managed to make the simple outfit look cool.

In season one episode eight the girls desperately try to get to a wedding on time by taking various types of New York City transportation.

One scene sees them trying to stand on their feet in the back of a rental truck, with Ilana dancing in her old catering uniform to keep herself centered.

In “Two Chainz” Ilana’s hat changed throughout the episode.

Comedy CentralShe wears multiple statement hats.

In the season three premiere Abbi and Ilana experience a run of bad luck that involves missing keys, forgotten plans, and the impossible search for a public bathroom in New York.

Throughout the episode, the beads on Ilana’s hat rearrange to spell out words like “Perv,” “Lincoln,” and “Bad.” And though the bike chain around her mid-section wasn’t meant to be locked indefinitely, it does pair well with her white tank top and jean shorts in a way that only Ilana could confidently pull off.

Abbi’s sparkly party dress in “Hashtag FOMO” showed off her “artsy side.”

Comedy CentralThe sparkles made the look.

“I did love Abbi’s ‘FOMO’ look, that confetti party dress,” Greenbaum told Fashionista, when asked about her favourite looks for season two. “There’s something very easy breezy about it and a little whimsical, which was fun. It was more of her artsy side.”

Abbi’s expensive blue dress popped up every time she attended a special event.

Comedy CentralIt was an expensive dress.

Many viewers have recognised a certain blue dress that Abbi bought that has made a reappearance throughout the series.

She wears it multiple times in an attempt to subsidise the cost. And it’s a great look.

Ilana’s Shiva outfit in “Knockoffs” exemplified her character perfectly.

Comedy CentralThe cheetah print is a great touch.

“The Shiva costume is funny in that for Ilana, on paper, it makes perfect sense,”Greenbaum joked about the revealing outfit in season two episode four. “Like, she’s doing the appropriate thing. If you’re going to be more conservative, you know, let’s say at your grandmother’s Shiva, you probably want your sleeves to be covered, a higher neckline and a longer skirt. But the shirt was completely see-through and then there were sheer panels on the skirt just an inch below, you know. And for her, she’s like, ‘yeah, I’m dressed.'”

Ilana rocked an iconic sporty look for “In Heat.”

Comedy CentralIt’s the perfect mix of sporty and fun.

In season two episode one, as Abbi and Ilana look for an air conditioning unit, Ilana is dressed in short shorts and a huge Topshop sports jersey. Her look is topped with a backward ball cap, black lipstick, and gold hoops. It’s the perfect mix of athletic and chic, and exactly what you would expect Ilana to wear on a sweltering summer day.

Ilana’s lattice bras have become a staple in her wardrobe.

Comedy CentralViewers see the bra multiple times.

Like Abbi’s blue dress, Ilana also has a staple in her wardrobe that pops up throughout the series.

“[The lattice bra] is the piece I get the most questions about,” Greenbaum said in an interview with Racked. “It’s from a store called LF, and it’s just a really fun, easy way to accessorize. It’s a great bra because it fits pretty much everyone; Ilana, who’s pretty busty, feels totally secure and comfortable in it. You won’t see it quite as much [in season four] – because it’s winter – but we definitely have it in there.”

Abbi posed as Ilana in “Co-op” and fully pulled the look off.

Comedy CentralIt was a new look for Abbi.

In season three episode two, Abbi posed as Ilana to cover her shift at the food co-op. Because Abbi and Ilana are essentially fashion opposites, the episode gave Abbi a moment to shine in something she would never think to wear herself.

In “Citizen Ship” Ilana retrofitted her power suit jacket for a cute boat outfit.

Comedy CentralShe made the look work.

In season two episode seven, the “Broad City” gang all had fresh fashion moments throughout the episode as they board a boat to celebrate Jaime’s naturalization. Ilana reuses her white power suit by slipping the jacket over a jean bra and blue pants. Her accessories: a heart-shaped purse and an American flag pin to cover the A1 sauce stain from “Mochalatta Chills.”

In “House Sitting” Ilana and Abbi cleaned up in dresses fit for royalty.

Comedy CentralThe two women rocked the fancy dresses.

In season four episode eight, Ilana house-sat for a wealthy family with an insane mansion. She and Abbi indulged in the assortment of outfits at their disposal; notable among them was a patterned purple dress and a jeweled headband that probably cost more money than Ilana could ever fathom. The pair looked like royalty throughout the episode.

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