One photographer amassed thousands of Instagram followers after repeatedly organising her food in a very particular way

Brittany Wright is a freelance photographer in Seattle, Washington. She’s also passionate about food, and when she combines the two, the results are fantastic.

Wright recently created a photo series called #FoodGradients, where she arranges food items by colour.

There’s nothing she can’t arrange. From toast to raspberries to doughnuts to eggs, Wright is far from running out of ideas.

People went crazy for the photos (some you can find on her Instagram) and she was featured everywhere from New York Magazine to BuzzFeed.

Now she’s on a road trip across the country, photographing food and farms from Portland to New York City.


Wright spends a lot of time organising the foods she photographs.

The results are beautiful, artful shots.

Her #FoodGradients project quickly captured the attention of tons of media outlets.

People loved her photos.

'There's seemingly no random hodgepodge she can't beautifully arrange by colour gradient,' New York Magazine's GrubStreet concluded.

It's not all about colours and gradient -- a lot of what Wright does for her photographs is similar to the 'knolling' trend that's popular on Instagram and on lifestyle photography blogs.

A handful of news outlets (including Business Insider!) have named Wright one of the best Instagram users to follow.

Just looking at her photos can dissipate any stress you might be feeling.

Raspberries, arranged.

Grapes, organised by colour.

Arranging the food with perfect 90-degree angles is pleasing to the eye.

So is arranging them in a row.

'This photographer's Instagram will soothe your love of organisation,' Mashable's headline promised.

The photos just keep getting better and better.

This one of toast (some burnt) is especially creative.

'I want everyone to see what their food looks like,' Wright told BuzzFeed's Mackenzie Kruvant. 'I'd love to help 'rebrand' fruits and vegetables, helping shed a bright light on how lovely they actually are.'

Even citrus can be arranged by colour.

Herbs and spices.

This isn't a #FoodGradient shot, but we loved it.

Even jars filled with colourful beverages.

Wright may photograph tons of vibrant fruits and veggies.

'I tell people that my goal is basically to be Andy Warhol and Martha Stewart combined,' she told Yahoo Food.

But don't discount her love for doughnuts. (Wright told her Instagram followers she shot this photo for Samsung!)

Colours are everything in Wright's photography.

Black and white photography? I don't think so.

Wright has amassed nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Last week she embarked on a cross-country road trip, where she'll be photographing farms and food.

She's even selling some of her prints on her website (though the store is closed 'til she's back home in July.)

She's inspired others to take their own #FoodGradient photos -- though the ones you see on Instagram that don't belong to Wright aren't nearly as meticulous.

You can visit Wright's Instagram and website by clicking the links below.

You've just seen food organised beautifully.

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