Britney Spears’ Instagram account just disappeared after she posted about ‘#FreeBritney’

Britney Spears
  • Britney Spears’ Instagram account was deactivated Tuesday after she posted about her conservatorship.
  • Spears had 34 million followers on the platform, which she used to communicate with fans.
  • On September 7, Spears’ father filed to end her conservatorship.
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Britney Spears’ Instagram account was deactivated on Tuesday shortly after the embattled pop star posted using the “#FreeBritney” hashtag. She had 34 million followers on the platform, which has served as her primary method of direct communication with fans.

Just one week ago, on September 7, Spears’ father Jamie filed to end the controversial conservatorship that Britney spoke out against in her latest post before her account disappeared.

Spears’ case has attracted global attention through the “Free Britney” movement as she fights for legal freedom from her father. As his daughter’s conservator, Jamie has controlled her estate, financial assets, and some personal assets since 2008, after Britney was involuntarily committed to psychiatric facilities twice.

Britney Spears' Instagram profile after it deactivated on Tuesday (L); Spears' last post before her Instagram was deactivated.
Britney Spears’ Instagram profile after it deactivated on Tuesday (L); Spears’ last post before her Instagram was deactivated. Twitter/@ursobye, @willy2ec

“Growing up in a world where basically almost everything I did was controlled by someone else … I hope this message gets to people who have been confused or manipulated by a system,” Spears captioned her last post.

“People need to hear this before it’s TOO LATE !!!! I’ve waited 13 years and counting for my freedom !!!!! Again … team #FreeBritney you guys fucking kick ass,” she went on to write.

Instagram told Insider on Tuesday afternoon that the account was not removed by the platform.

According to Page Six, an anonymous source close to Britney claimed that it was “her decision” to delete the Instagram account and that she was taking a break following the announcement of her engagement to actor Sam Asghari.

A lawyer representing Spears in her ongoing conservatorship case did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Spears has recently been vocal on social media about seeking an end to her conservatorship

Speaking out in 2021, Britney called the conservatorship “abusive” and asked for it to end.

Before Britney started speaking out publicly about her conservatorship case, fans and followers of the “Free Britney” movement attempted to decode what they believe to be hidden messages in her Instagram posts. More recently, the singer has been outright on social media about wanting her freedom.

Last Tuesday, Jamie Spears’ legal team filed a petition to end his daughter’s 13-year conservatorship, weeks ahead of the next hearing on September 29.

Britney spears fiancé
Britney Spears and her fiancé Sam Asghari. J. Merritt/Getty Images for GLAAD

Jamie denied Britney’s petition for his immediate “suspension and removal” from his petition, instead agreeing to “cooperate in the transition to a new conservator.”

On September 7, the petition filed by Jamie’s team suggested that Britney “is entitled to have this Court now seriously consider whether this conservatorship is no longer required.”

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