Britney Recession Hits Paparazzi

Photographers who made hundreds of thousands off photos of scandal-happy celebs like Britney Spears are facing lean times now that Spears has  reformed. We feel for photogs who can no longer sell photos of Britney Spears attacking an SUV, but aren’t there other celebs that are now equally pricey targets, like rising stars Miley Cyrus and Katherine Heigl?  Perhaps the paps should head over to the UK, where prices are cheaper (pounds), and Amy Winehouse is always headed to hospitals.

LA Times: To the mortgage crisis and the energy crunch and the devalued dollar, add this: a recession in the Britney market.

The young woman who rose and fell (and fell and fell) in the paparazzi’s strobe lights seems to have put bizarre public displays behind her, and the photographers who made hundreds and thousands — and in some cases, hundreds of thousands — capturing her missteps must look elsewhere for celebrities more predictably unpredictable…

Some have refocused on up-and-coming celebrities, including Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers…

But others remain hopeful…

“If Britney were to walk out tonight with a new boyfriend, we could still command high prices for those photos,” [Chris] Doherty [owner of photo agency INF] said.

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