British workers searching for jobs offshore have spiked after the Brexit vote

Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Britain leaving the EU impacts on peoples’ daily lives and there are signs that British citizens have already reacted to the news they may be restricted from working in the EU.

Earlier this week Ireland’s foreign minister Charlie Flanagan asked Britons to stop making applications for Irish Passports but Matthew Nitch Smith reports the number of applications for Irish passports is out of control.

But it doesn’t stop there as Britons look at their options for work offshore.

Job site – the world’s largest employment search engine – reports that “Job searches out of the UK spiked in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit referendum results.”

Naturally enquiries from the UK for jobs in Australia was a big part of that spike.

It seems Australia is in a good position to benefit from this spike in outbound inquiry with Indeed reporting that “job searches for roles in Australia almost doubled in the hours following the announcement”.

But what looks like good news for Australia looks like a brain drain for the UK with Indeed’s data showing the top searches from the UK to Australia “were for sectors including: doctor and post-doctoral, marketing, hospitality, and technology (particularly SAP and ITIL skills)”.

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