British Town Uses Drastic Tactic To Keep Students From Ditching School

British Police

Photo: Dafne Cholet/Flickr

Police in Wiltshire, England have taken a new approach to fighting ditch days: they are coming to the homes of truant students and bringing them to school in patrol cars, reports The Telegraph. Each morning the police receive a list of students who are not in school without a valid excuse and drive over to their homes, according to the Telegraph. The police call the students’ parents beforehand telling them that they are arriving and ask them to wake the child up if necessary.

Truancy is a pretty big problem in England and recently a new fining systems has been proposed in order to get parents to take ditching seriously.

Wiltshire has certainly taken a different approach to fighting ditching, which is pretty surprising considering the county does not have nearly as bad truancy rates as other places in England. 9.7 per cent of school age children in Nottingham miss over 15 per cent of the school, the worst  in the country, compared to 5.7 per cent in Wiltshire.

The law in England states that children up to the age of 16 are required to attend school; parents are held responsible with fines if they do not.

All of this is pretty interesting considering the U.S. seems to have a significantly higher truancy rate than England. 16 per cent of Los Angeles County students ditch school on a regular basis, according to Dropout Nation, close to double England’s highest truancy rate.  

Looks like it may be time for the LAPD to start making house calls to some sleepy kids.

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