British soldiers training in the Arctic set up a bizarre igloo shrine to Harry and Meghan for the prince’s visit

  • Prince Harry was met with a shrine to himself and his wife Meghan Markle when visiting British armed forces in the Arctic Circle.
  • The Duke was invited inside a snow dugout during his flying visit to northern Norway where the Royal Marines are taking part in winter survival training.
  • The servicemen had been busy before his arrival decorating the interior of the makeshift igloo with photos from the prince’s royal wedding.
  • “You weirdos,” Harry said in response to the unique decor.

Prince Harry, who is used to seeing his face just about everywhere, probably wasn’t expecting to see it plastering the walls of an igloo he was visiting in the Arctic Circle.

The prince was dropping in on British armed forces taking part in winter survival training in Bardufoss, northern Norway, when he was invited into a snow dugout to meet some servicemen.

They had been busy, though, decorating the Quincey Shelter with candles and photos of the prince and his wife Meghan Markle the Duchess of Sussex. Chilled music was also playing in the background.

“You weirdos,” Harry chuckled as he came inside adding, “nice” as he caught the photo of himself on his wedding day.

“It’s very kind of you to invite us into your private, err, shrine,” he continued.

“He was really keen to engage,” Sergeant Ads Lesley said, according to The Telegraph.

“He asked if they had got their girlfriends or wives or partners flowers for Valentine’s Day – he was keen to make sure no-one was in trouble.

“He liked to compare what we’re doing out here, how amazing it is, with what we’re doing back in the UK. He was really happy that we’re in a beautiful environment and to see how happy we are.

“There was a little light humour: he saw people in sleeping bags and said ‘oh, have you just woken up?'”

In the shelter, Lesley said, “he had a smile on his face. We had some chill-out music on, just to show how creative you can be.”

He added that the royal wedding decorations seemed “almost a bit of a shock” for the Duke, who “had a chuckle to himself.”

800 Royal Marines are currently stationed in the region undergoing extreme weather training as part of Exercise Clockwork as Britain looks to strengthen its Arctic capability.

Aside from visiting an igloo, the Duke – who as Captain General Royal Marines is the ceremonial head of the elite commando force – also admitted he misses being an Apache helicopter pilot and joined the servicemen for lunch in the mess during his three-hour visit.