Here's how UK politicians are reacting to the historic election of Donald Trump

Donald trumpWin McNamee/Getty ImagesDonald Trump at the third presidential debate.

Donald Trump just pulled off one of the greatest upsets in political history, becoming the 45th president of the United States of America.

The businessman-turned-politician surpassed the 270 electoral vote threshold he needed to inflict a shock defeat on Hillary Clinton and earn his place in the White House.

Earlier this year, MPs debated whether Trump should be banned from entering the UK for comments he had made about Muslims and ethnic minorities.

Although MPs voted against barring the now-president, they used some choice words to describe him, including “poisonous,” idiot,” and a “fool.”

This is how some of Britain’s most senior and well-known political figures have reacted to his election.

Here’s Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale expressing her dismay.

Owen Smith, who was a Labour leadership candidate earlier this year, described Trump as a racist and said his election means Britain should stay in the EU. 

His colleague, Chuka Umunna, suggested the result was similar to Brexit as it represented the public’s rejection of globalisation. 

 It was all too much for Labour MP Jess Philips as she watched Trump march to victory.

Her colleague, Labour MP John Woodcock, is currently in the US to witness the election take place. He described the thought of a Trump presidency as “terrifying.”

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas claimed the election of Trump was a “devasting day” for a tolerant society.

Michael Fabricant, a Tory MP who expressed support for Trump in the run-up to the election, said the new president could be as successful as Ronald Reagan.

He also suggested the election of Trump would have a positive impact on Brexit, as it would increase the chances of a Britain-US trade deal being agreed sooner. 

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