'MIRACLE IN MOSCOW' -- Here's how British newspapers celebrated England's 'historic' win over Colombia

Laurence Griffiths/Getty ImagesEngland players (l-r John Stones, Harry Kane, Jamie Vardy, Kieran Trippier, Marcus Rashford, Harry Maguire, Jordan Henderson) celebrate after Eric Dier of England scores the winning penalty during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Round of 16 match between Colombia and England at Spartak Stadium on July 3, 2018 in Moscow, Russia.

England are through to the FIFA World Cup semi-finals – and Britain is already celebrating.

On Tuesday, England defeated Colombia 4-3 in penalties following a 1-1 full-time draw of what had been an at times ugly and foul-filled game. It’s a particularly historic win for England, which has been notoriously bad at penalties for decades – so much so that its endless failings have been referred to as a “curse.”

The English team, led by coach Gareth Southgate and captained by Harry Kane, has already been hailed as the country’s best in years, and the result has further inflamed British footballing passions, with chants of “football’s coming home!” ringing out up and down the country.

The British national newspapers, too, have been similarly effusive about the win – with particular praise heaped on English goalkeeper Jordan Pickford and his crucial role in the penalty shootout.

England will next play Sweden in the quarter-finals on Saturday.

Here’s how the Wednesday papers are celebrating England’s victory…

Left-of-centre tabloid The Mirror gave the win the full-page treatment, greeting the historic win with the headline “AT LAST!”

The Mirror

Its back-page, meanwhile, labelled the win the “Miracle in Moscow.”

The Mirror

“SPOT ON!” proclaimed the Daily Star, declaring an end to the “penalty curse.”

Daily Star

The i, meanwhile, called the England squad the “history boys.”

The i

The Daily Express devoted the majority of its front page to another story …

Daily Express

… but there was plenty more coverage at the back of the paper.

Daily Express

A rare exclamation mark even slipped into The Daily Telegraph’s front-page coverage of the news.

The Daily Telegraph

Its back, meanwhile, led with a picture of Gareth Southgate in ecstasy.

The Daily Telegraph

The Metro’s message was simple: “NEVER IN DOUBT!”


The Guardian described the game as a “fractious, exhilarating match.”

The Guardian

And The Sun only had eyes for Jordan Pickford.

The SUn

The Daily Mail made clear how surprising the penalty win was with just one word: “MIRACLE!”

Daily Mail

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