British Marathon Runner Cheats By Taking The Bus

marathon runner

Photo: through my eyes only via Flickr

A British marathon runner who took the bronze medal in a regional race, has been stripped of his prize after it was discovered he took the bus for part of the course.The Telegraph reports that Rob Sloan, a former army engineer, initially denied claims that he had cheated in the Kielder Marathon after fellow competitors complained that they hadn’t seen him pass them. After an investigation by the race’s organisers he admitted that he had jumped on a bus used to ferry spectators around the course.

The Daily Mail reports that Sloan became tired after the 20 mile mark and chose to board the vehicle. He then waited behind a tree for the first and second place runner to overtake him before trotting out to take third place.

The organisers thought something was up when they noticed that Sloan was the only runner who had completed the second half of the race quicker than the first half.

He was stripped of his medal and may now be kicked out of his running club as punishment for his dishonesty.

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