British Government: Our Citizens Have No Right To Wear A Cross At Work

Cross necklace

Photo: Flickr user _ChelsiTaylor/ Creative Commons

In a controversial move announced last night the government of Britain will argue to the European Court of Human Rights that Christians have no right in Britain to wear a cross or crucifix at work, and can be fired for doing so, according to the Telegraph. The government has deemed that this is “not a requirement of the faith” and therefore asking employees not to wear it is not discriminatory. 

Just in case you forgot, Britain, still has an Established Church whose head is the Queen. 

The case was originally brought by two women, Nadia Ewedia and Shirley Chaplin. Ewedia was employed by British Airways, She was asked to cover her cross while at work, and was placed on unpaid leave when she refused to do so. Chaplin, a nurse, was moved to a desk position after she refused to remove a crucifix. Their argument is that their employers violated their human rights and prevented them from “manifesting their faith” 

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