The Royal Mint Is Giving Away 2,013 Silver Pennies To British Babies Born Yesterday

royal penny silver baby mint

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s little bundle of joy is worth a reported $376 million.

Now there’s a contest for new British parents looking to cash in on that newborn stimulus package.

The Royal Mint announced that it would award “lucky” silver pennies, with a value of $39, to 2,013 babies born the same day as the Royal Baby.

The coin bears the shield of the Royal Arms and comes in either a blue or pink pouch.

Shane Bissett, director of commemorative coins at the Royal Mint, told BBC News: “The birth of the royal baby will be a joyous occasion not just for Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge but also for the whole nation, as we prepare to celebrate another remarkable milestone in their life journey together.

royal mint penny lucky silver coin baby

“However, it will also be a special day for many mothers and fathers across the country as they too welcome the arrival of their new baby, hence why we wanted to extend this historical moment to them with a lucky silver penny.”

According to British tradition, crossing the palm of a newborn baby with silver or offering them a silver penny is a way of wishing them a wealthy and healthy life.

New mums and dads can apply on the Royal Mint’s Facebook page¬†by liking the page and providing a scan of their baby’s birth certificate.

The baby must be born July 22 in the U.K. The contest runs through September 20.

Then we can expect these commemorate coins to pop up on eBay.

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