British Artist Creates A Surprisingly Beautiful Gown Out Of 550 IKEA Bags

More often than not, the sum of IKEA products is far greater than its parts, as one British artist discovered.

Ida-Marie Corell was inspired by the housewares chain’s iconic blue shopping bags to create a $330 gown that’s now featured at a Zurich museum. It took 555 bags (each $0.59) to create the garment, which Corell models in the photo below. 

The exhibit, called “Oh, Plastiksack!”, features work from some 30 contemporary artists who’ve reimagined the plastic bag.

Here’s a rough translation from their press release, which can be read here in its original German. 

“Whether … loved or scorned, the plastic bag splits spirits, polarizes and reflects all of our consumer behaviour. It reinforces status and identity, interferes with ecology and is lovingly collected.” 

(H/T Yahoo Shine)


Photo: Gewerbe Museum

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