British Airways passengers suffered massive delays after a computer outage

Computer glitches are continuing to cause problems for airlines.

About a month after a massive computer outage crippled Delta for more than six hours, British Airways passengers suffered through massive delays caused by a computer glitch early Tuesday.

A British Airways spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider that the delays were caused by a problem with the airline’s check-in system and only affected flights coming in from the US. Passengers were given handwritten boarding passes while the check-in system was down.

British Airways passengers in London’s Heathrow airport faced additional delays as a Black Lives Matter protest halted flights for six hours at the aiport, with more than 120 flights cancelled, delayed, or diverted from the protest, Reuters reported. The nine protestors had locked themselves together on the runway and were arrested Tuesday morning.

The spokesperson declined to say how extensive the delays were due to the computer glitch, but travel tracker website Flight Aware lists that there were 261 British Airways flight delays as of 10:35 a.m.

Passengers took to Twitter to voice their frustrations.



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