British Airways has a hilarious new safety video starring celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay

British Airways safety videoScreenshot via British AirwaysActress Thandie Newton on British Airways’ new safety video.

The in-flight safety video is an important, but commonly overlooked part of the flying experience. To overcome this challenge, airlines often use gimmicks such as colourful animations or in Virgin America’s case, an elaborate musical number.

And then there’s the always trusty celebrity cameo. That’s exactly the route British Airways has chosen. 

On Tuesday, the airline released its new star-studded in-flight safety video in conjunction with the charity Comic Relief. 

“It’s extremely important to us that customers engage with our safety video, and involving some of the nation’s most well-known personalities has given us the chance to create something fun that we hope people will watch from start to finish – and remember,” British Airways chairman and CEO Alex Cruz said in a statement. 

“We’ve worked with Comic Relief since 2010 and our customers have already helped us generate £16.5 million for great causes. We hope the new video will enable us to exceed our goal of raising £20 million by 2020.”

The new video will make its debut on British Airways flights in September. 

Here’s a closer look at British Airways’ new safety video:

The video is built around the premise that the celebrities are auditioning for comedian Asim Chaudhry.

First up is Academy Award nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor who auditions to do the introduction.

This is followed by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay who asks the public to not block the aisles or exits with their hand luggage and...

.... To put their smaller bags underneath the seat in front of them.

Finally, Ramsay yells at Chaudhry for inputting the wrong lines of dialogue into the teleprompter.

The next celebrity up is actress Thandie Newton, at whom Chaudry stares awkwardly.

The BAFTA winner proceeds to remind the passengers to look towards the cabin crew for directions to the emergency exits.

Next up are Sir Ian McKellen and Warwick Davis.

The duo goes on to demonstrate how to use the in-flight emergency oxygen mask.

Comedian Rob Brydon is next with a demonstration of how to use the life jacket.

Following Brydon, Academy Award winner Jim Broadbent demonstrates the art of the folding seat-back tray table.

The next celebrity up is actress Gillian Anderson.

The X-Files star demonstrates the proper brace position.

The final celebrity to appear is comedian Rowan Atkinson.

To the audience's delight, Atkinson shows up in character as Mr. Bean.

In the skit, Mr. Bean works hard to recover all of the loose change he spilled while trying to fill a Comic Relief donation envelope.

Mr. Bean. Mission accomplished.

See the complete British Airways safety video here:

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