WHOOPS: British Airways Pilot Mistakenly Tells Passengers To Prepare For Crash Landing

british airways

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Passengers on a British Airways flight between Miami and Heathrow Airport received a chilling announcement right in the middle of their flight.They were going to crash into the ocean.

According to The Telegraph, at around 3AM and at 35,000 feet, an announcement played that said the plane needed to make an emergency water landing.

Worst of all, it was played twice.

Passengers that heard the announcement reacted as expected, with screaming and hysterical crying.

Thankfully, the messages were played in error and the plane did not crash. The cabin crew and British Airways apologized profusely for the error, but that hasn’t been enough to satiate the passengers who were not at all happy about the mistake.

This is not the first time that this has happened to British Airways either. A flight from Heathrow to Hong Kong played the same announcement while travelling over the North Sea last year.

The airline has said that the pilot pushed the incorrect button which brought about the announcement. It seems that the crash warning button is tucked in near other vital controls.

Perhaps it’s time to look into moving that button.

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