Here's the tiny, futuristic-looking driverless car that Britain is about to unleash on streets

Driverless cars are coming to Britain’s streets.

This morning the British Government unveiled a selection of self-driving car prototypes that will hopefully one day ferry commuters around the city, reports the Guardian. The government is spending £19 million on the trial.

The prototypes include a converted Landrover and an autonomous shuttle, but one vehicle in particular is getting all the attention. It’s called the Lutz Pathfinder.


Developed by engineering company RDM Group, the Lutz “pod” has a 6-hour battery and a top speed of 15 miles an hour.

Forty of the driverless vehicles are going to be tested in Milton Keynes this year.

The Guardian got a chance to ride in one of them. Below is a shot of the interior. There’s currently a steering wheel and foot pedals for testing, but they will be phased out in time. Ultimately the only input will be two dash-mounted touchscreens. One will be for entering destinations, and the other for entertainment.

And here’s a shot of the view from the “driving” seat.

Here’s a video of the vehicles:

RDM also tweeted a photo of the Lutz “in the wild”:

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