Heathrow Airport has released a seriously cringeworthy video to welcome people to Britain

Screen Shot 2016 01 07 at 10.17.49 (2)Heathrow AirportStephen Fry stars in the new Heathrow Airport welcome video.

If you’re touch down in London’s Heathrow Airport soon, get ready to watch a 3-minute introduction to British culture from the most English man ever.

The presenter Stephen Fry is a comedic legend in the UK for his work in “Blackadder,” “Jeeves and Wooster” and “QI”, but some British news websites are calling his latest video “terrible” and “rubbish.”

Yet others are saying it makes them “feel 
all warm and British inside.

The clip — which was released this week on Heathrow airport’s free WiFi page — shows Fry running through several cliché examples of British etiquette. He explains the very British obsession with discussing the weather, lining up, the “after you; no, after you” loop, and the act of cheering whenever anyone smashes a glass.

If you watch the video too many times you could be forgiven for thinking that the UK is trapped in a time-capsule from the Victorian era.

The Telegraph reported that Heathrow Airport asked 1,000 visitors what they loved about Britain to mark the launch of the video. Here are the results:

Top five aspects:

1. Traditional pubs

2. Sense of humour

3. Double decker buses

4. Countryside

5. History

Top five attractions outside London:

1. Stonehenge

2. Edinburgh Castle

3. Loch Ness

4. Sherwood Forest

5. The Roman Baths

Top five words or phrases:

1. Cheers

2. Darling

3. Nice one

4. Cheerio

5. Mate

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