The 'Martha Stewart Of Silicon Valley' On What Makes Her Different Than The Real Martha Stewart

brit brit morinBrit Morin founded Brit, a domestic lifestyle brand for the technology age.

Photo: Brit

Everyone’s calling Brit Morin, the founder of a content-and-apps startup called Brit + Co, “Martha Stewart 2.0″—ourselves included.At a panel discussion at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, Morin defended her status as a digital reinventor of homemaking.

“Martha Stewart is 71,” Morin said. “I don’t think she relates to the 25-year-old. I’m 26.”

Morin also said, “Martha Stewart was my inspiration. As I grew up, the more I felt disconnected from her.” (We missed this quote, but spotted it on Twitter.)

It’s true—Stewart just observed her 71st birthday—but it’s not necessarily the most polite observation one might make.

Another point Morin made, which might be a better one to highlight: Her company doesn’t just make media, like Martha Stewart’s company—it also churns out code in the form of apps like Weduary, a wedding-planning tool. 

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