The Baby Names That Jumped Most In Popularity Last Year Came From The MTV Show “Teen mum”

teen mum

This ought to make things slightly more difficult for the MTV producers who argue “Teen mum” doesn’t glamorize getting knocked up in high school.

Maci and Bentley were the two names that made the biggest jump in popularity on the Social Security Administration’s 2010 baby names list.

The stat reflects tributes to Maci Bookout, the 19-year-old star of “Teen mum” (and, before that, “16 and Pregnant). Bookout has been a franchise breakout, frequently gracing the covers of tabloids.

Her now-toddler son is named Bentley.

Maci came in at number #232 on the girls’ names list, and Bentley was #101 on the boys.’

In 2009, Maci (spelled “Macie”) came in at #414. Bookout’s spelling was nowhere to be found.

And Bentley didn’t appear on the list at all.

No word on whether these are also the names of two horsemen of the apocalypse, or if it just feels that way.