Here Comes The Next Palin Reality Show, Courtesy Of Bristol And The BIO Channel

bristol palin

Get ready for more Palin reality TV — this time with considerably less hunting.

The BIO Channel just greenlit a reality series on Bristol Palin.

The show has kind of a “Teen mum” meets “The Hills” vibe — it will follow Palin and her son, Tripp, as they move to Los Angeles to work at a charity.

The show’s 10 episodes will debut late this year — just as 2012 election fever ramps up.

While Bristol has made it eminently clear that she isn’t some pawn of her mother’s, this commitment was surely vetted by the Palin machine — which confirms that Sarah Palin sees no conflict between reality stardom and political endeavours.

By the way, here’s the extra “huh?” factor this show doesn’t really need:

Bristol and Tripp will live with actor Kyle Massey (who befriended Palin when they were both on “Dancing With the Stars”) and his brother, Chris.

OK, there’s a lot going on here — and that’s before the issue of whether or not Palin will address plastic surgery accusations is settled.

In the meantime, BIO Channel — home to “Celebrity Ghost Stories” and a lot more low-profile programming — is the winner here, no matter how the show turns out.

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