JOY BEHAR: If Snooki Can Write A Book, Bristol Palin Can Write A Book

Snooki and Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin is writing a memoir.

And why not?  At age 20 she has already had a child, watched her mother run for vice presidential office, and been a finalist on Dancing With the Stars.

The View today, however, seemed to think that Bristol Palin is a little too young to be coming out with her own memoir.

“It’s 304 pages,” said Elisabeth Hasselbeck. “It’s interesting, because her answers on Dancing With The Stars were the most succinct answers I’ve ever heard!”

Joy Behar said it best: “If Snooki can write a book, Bristol can write a book.”


Snooki’s Amazon page likewise lists her hardcover book as being 304 pages in length. (Note that Bristol’s Amazon listing has been taken down.)

Is it a coincidence that both tomes are the same length? We think it’s a sign that Snooki and Bristol’s careers are not so different as they might think (or as they began).

For more proof of the converging careers of Bristol Palin and Snooki, check out this weird sex video starring Briston Palin and The Situation.

Video of The View is below.

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