A Homesick Man From Vietnam Went On An iPad-Smashing Rampage In An Apple Store Because He Wanted To Be Deported

A man has admitted to intentionally damaging products in a Bristol Apple Store because he wanted to be arrested and deported to Vietnam, The Daily Express reports.

Hieu Trung Nguyen damaged three iPads using a house brick on Dec. 30, the paper said. 

Prosecutor Jane Cooper said: “He lifted the brick above his shoulders and brought it down on to an iPad2 display model. He caused the screen to smash.”

After Nguyen smashed two more iPads with the brick, security guards arrived and took him outside the store, where police arrested him.

Richard Nile, defending Nguyen in court, explained that the man had been experiencing suicidal thoughts for months. He claimed that his client destroyed the iPads because he wanted to be arrested and deported to Vietnam. 

Nguyen was given a six-month conditional discharge and a £15 victim surcharge. UK Border Control is now working to arrange his deportation to Vietnam.

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