Brisbane-Melbourne Fast Rail Link Would Take Decades, Cost $114 Billion


A fast rail link between Sydney and Melbourne would cost $114 billion, and by 2065 would cater for 111 million passenger trips, running 18 hours a day, all year, according to an article by Simon Benson at The Daily Telegraph.

It would need to be funded by the government. It is only expected to return 1%, according to the article, so it’s not commercially viable.

114kms of tunnel would have to be built to carry the bullet train, with the largest single section being 67km that would need to be dug underneath Sydney.

That’s according to a report, which the Gillard government is expected to be give in-principle agreement to, due for release today, according to Benson’s piece.

That’s great news for the business traveller of the future: the rail link would slash travel times. Just don’t expect to be riding to your next meeting on the fast rail any time soon.

  • Sydney to Brisbane would take two hours and 37 minutes.
  • Sydney to Melbourne would take two hours and 44 minutes.