Brisbane council ripped out a fresh concrete slab after someone complained that noisy kids were playing handball on it

A concrete slab near a playground has been dug up by Brisbane City Council just weeks after it was laid because a resident complained about the noise from children playing.

The ABC reports children who used the site at regularly as a makeshift handball court, watched on as the slab was ripped up and taken away by council workers today at 7am.

The slab was installed in the Kelvin Grove Urban Village as foundations for a concrete tennis table to commemorate the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. The area is surrounded by apartments.

A council spokesperson told the ABC it was never intended to be used as a handball court.

Kelvin Grove Village, to the north of Queensland’s capital, is marketed as “the creative heart of the city”. It is a joint development between the state government and Queensland University of Technology, and pitched as a “creative precinct that offers a soulful, sophisticated and captivating lifestyle and a buzzing hub”.

“The atmosphere is similar to many traditional inner-urban neighborhoods: inclusive, supportive and vibrant,” the developers say.

Local resident Col Dorber told ABC Brisbane radio today that he couldn’t believe one complaint had the power to take away something that made local children so happy.

“Someone’s taken away some of their joy and happiness and it’s not fair or reasonable. It takes your breath away to believe in this society nowadays a grumbler has more power than happy children. I can’t believe it,” he said

Here’s a video of council workers digging up the court on ABC Brisbane’s Facebook page. Many people have commented on the post. Most say they feel sorry for the kids, and vent their disbelief at the council for capitulating to the complaint.

The ABC has more here.

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