Brisbane Courts Will Be Open 24 Hours And Live-Streamed During The G20

The Brisbane sign, in the Cultural Forecourt, South Bank during the G20 celebration opening night. The G20 Cultural Celebrations is held for three weeks and is to showcase the beauty and lifestyle of Queensland. Glenn Hunt/Getty Images

A special 24-hour court is being set up for the week of the G20 leaders’ summit in Brisbane next month just in case there are mass arrests.

Magistrates will be rostered day and night from Monday, November 10, to Monday, November 17.

The Queensland Government has enacted special legislation which strengthens police powers of search and arrest and creates new offences such as crossing barriers and disrupting meetings.

Banned from Brisbane are cans, jars, whips and eggs as well as the usual assortment of weapons.

Signs larger than 100cm by 200cm are also forbidden and remote-controlled planes have been banished from the sky.

Anyone arrested under G20 legislation will be transported by police to the G20 Offender Processing Centre at the Supreme Court.

After processing, defendants not released by police will then appear via video link before a Magistrate based in the Brisbane Magistrates Courts.

The Brisbane Magistrates Court and Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law Buildings will not be open to the public over the weekend or at night.

The doors to these buildings will be open during the G20 week, Monday to Thursday, from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

Arrangements are being made to live-stream proceedings when courts are closed to the public.

All Magistrates Court criminal matters where police officers are needed to prosecute or give evidence will be held over until after the G20 summit.

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