This local council is giving small business owners a better shot at success

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In another win for the burgeoning Queensland capital, Brisbane City Council recently announced a $2 million cut in small business fees.

This initiative came into effect in July, and the cuts aim to give small businesses the leverage they need to continue expanding, breathing even more life into the buzzing neighbourhoods in and around Brisbane.

The initiative will ease the barriers involved in starting a small business and will encourage the introduction of cafes, food trucks, start-ups, and other businesses across Brisbane’s suburbs. On top of this, businesses will also have fees reduced early on as they establish themselves.

The money saved by individual ventures can be reinvested into their continued growth, giving them the best chance for success in their chosen area.

In addition to scaling back fees, Brisbane City Council also provides small businesses with additional support such as Liaison Officers and a dedicated 24/7 business hotline.

If you have any questions related to your business, you can call the hotline to speak to someone directly from Council. If your questions are more thorough, they’ll also ensure you speak to the same Council officer should there be any follow-up conversations required.

The move by Council makes Brisbane a frontrunner for being Australia’s most small business-friendly city, so expect to see other cities amping up their efforts to combat the increasing competition.

If you’re a small business owner situated in Brisbane, you can head to the Council’s website to see if you’re eligible for a discount – which include 10%, 50% and 100% depending on the business’ size – as well as the full list of categories that the discounts may apply to.

There are also a tonne of resources available online to help small business owners take the next step.

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