Brisbane Airport wants to pay someone to build with Lego for a year

LegoDave Kotinsky / GettyDo you dream of creating your own LEGO characters?

Building stuff from Lego may be a pastime you left behind when you became a teenager.

But if you’re longing to go back to the days when you created magic from tiny coloured bricks, then Brisbane Airport might be advertising the perfect job for you.

The Australian airport is looking for a new “artist-in-residence” to start in July for a 12-month period.

The successful candidate will be responsible for putting together at least two large-scale pieces to put in the airport terminals.

They will be expected to be available for workshops with the public, as well as “the occasional coffee, planning sessions or even corporate appearances.”

The hours you’re required to work will be flexible, and you will have to undergo police background checks first.

“This is not a full-time position but rather an opportunity to receive a payment for something you love to do,” the advert reads. “Experienced brick builders will be preferred.”

Sydney legoBrendon Thorne / GettyThe Sydney Opera House built from LEGO is displayed at the Brick Man Experience in 2015.

What exactly constitutes an experienced brick builder is unclear, but the advert specifies you need to bring your own Lego, or at least know people you can borrow some from.

If you are interested in the role, you can find out more about the application process here. Applications close June 15. To apply, send an email answering a set of questions to [email protected]

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