A London restaurant is offering a free 6-course Italian meal to anyone who brings their own table

Getty/Mint Images/Birra MorettiA ‘bring-your-own-table’ restaurant is opening in London.
  • A “BYOT” restaurant is opening in London this summer.
  • That stands for “bring-your-own-table” – and you’ll get a free six-course meal if you sign up.
  • It’s being created by Birra Moretti, with the intention of “bringing people together around tables.”
  • Tables of all kinds are welcome, from picnic and patio to pool and massage.
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Everyone loves BYOB, but have you ever been to a BYOT restaurant? No, that’s not T for tea, tomatoes, or tapas, but table.

Yes, a “bring-your-own-table” restaurant is launching in London this summer.

Diners who visit the restaurant, a creation from beer brand Birra Moretti, will get to enjoy a free six-course dinner cooked by famous Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo – as long as they come with table in hand.

Trattoria Birra Moretti is set to open in London’s Covent Garden from June 12 to June 15. Spaces are limited, so you’ll have to join the waitlist online to be in the chance of grabbing a table (well, a spot for your own table).

Tables of all kinds are welcome, from picnic and patio to pool and massage. If you don’t have a table you could bring, you’ll be able to borrow one for a small charitable donation.

The restaurant doesn’t exist yet, but the organisers, Birra Moretti, think it will look something like this:

Birra Moretti Tra vis col 3 01Birra MorettiTrattoria Birra Moretti will be a ‘bring-your-own-table’ restaurant.

They say the thinking behind the concept is “to bring people together around tables.”

Those that do manage to get tickets will enjoy an epic Italian feast surrounded by rustic Italian interior design, green foliage, and atmospheric lighting.

The menu includes Agrodolce di Peperoni, a sweet and sour pepper dish served with bread…

Birra Moretti

…A salad made with chicken marinated in Italian herbs and preserves, carrots, and celery…

Birra Moretti

…slow-cooked cuttlefish with wine, olives, and plum tomatoes…

Birra Moretti

…Sardinian crispy bread lasagne with ricotta and parmesan…

Birra Moretti

…a potato, pecorino, and beer traybake with smoked pancetta…

Birra Moretti

…and a summery twist on the Italian classic Tiramisu, layered with summer berries.

Birra Moretti

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All the recipes are available online if you want to make the dishes at home, too.

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