Great Customer Service Is Driving 250 New Customers A Month To This High-End Salon

W Salon

Photo: W Salon

As a client of the W Salon in Burke, Va., you get a lot of perks: a cupcake as soon as you walk through the door, invites to runway shows, the inside scoop on the latest fashion trends and you won’t be harassed by your stylist to buy more hair products — the salon has a “no oversell” policy. Instead, all products are sold through the salon’s virtual W Magazine that customers can access through free WiFi internet.

“When you’re here, we don’t want to oversell,” owner Souny West told us. “You’re already spending a lot of money. You can read about our products and you can buy it on your own terms.”

The attention to service has paid off for the company. In two years, the salon has tripled its sales and welcomed 250 new, unique clients monthly. Furthermore, West is in the process of building a bigger venue that will come equipped with a bar area to provide more cupcakes, herbal teas, iced teas and lemonade — all complimentary. 

W SalonCustomers get complimentary cupcakes

Photo: W Salon

After a career in accounting, West — who doesn’t have any beauty care experience — decided to open W Salon because she’s “always felt good when leaving one” and she wanted to incorporate cupcakes because she “loves getting a cupcake when having her hair coloured.””But, it should be complimentary because I’m already spending an arm and a leg.” 

West told us her salon gives out around 50 to 60 cupcakes per day. 

This is how she competes with the bigger, corporate hair salons, which are not as pricey as W Salon’s more attentive, time-consuming hair care. 

“I don’t want my clients to leave. I want them to stay,” West says. “They’re not just cash flow that’s coming in.  We don’t want them to feel processed. We’re not trying to expedite people out of here.”

W SalonMiss America pageant

Photo: W Salon

West wants to be more than a salon where clients visit once per month to tidy their hair.She wants to be a venue where “women can come and congregate.” After hours, she turns W Salon into an event hall: prom night, health-infused night or movie night where cupcakes, cappuccino and pink lemonade are provided. West wants the space to become a “hang out” that just happens to be a salon. 

Twice a month, the salon teams up with stores, designers and boutiques to make the chic, exclusive world of runway shows a reality for clients to attend at no charge. W Salon has worked with Target, Betsy Johnson, the Miss America pageant and Miss Cherry Blossom pageant in Washington, D.C.  

“We like to be out and about instead of just waiting for our clients to come to us,” West says. “The fashion show brings a fun element to the hair industry. The women talk about it with their stylist every time they come in. It sparks something. It sparks this conversation. They don’t complain any more. They don’t come in and say, ‘Oh, my kids or my husband.’

W Salon

Photo: W Salon

“The fashion show is this big production they feel like they’re a part of. It’s the secret ingredient to making them feel special. It’s also a confidence that we bring to our clients. It’s trust. When they’re looking for new hair cuts and colours, they listen to us. We’re branding ourselves as fashion forward.”West’s vision isn’t just attracting the clients — it’s is also attracting employees, and West says she’ll be able to hire more staffers once the new venue is completed. W Salon currently employs 25 stylists. 

Eventually, West hopes to build her salon inside a shopping area so her customers can window-shop as they get their hair done. 

“There’s always a stereotype with salons, and we want to get rid of all that,” West says. “Our clients are not just customers — they’re our friends who we see once per month.”

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