I just discovered the cleverest speakers that my college self would have drooled over

Pixie lights have long been a staple of college dorm rooms. Strung around windows or above beds, their glow distracts from the otherwise drab, concrete-walled environments that university students often spend their first years of school living in. 

I definitely was a big believer in the instant ambiance of some well-placed twinkliness — here’s my sophomore year dorm:

So I really fell in love when I spotted a product that took the idea to the next level while I was strolling the floor at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The intrigue began when I passed a booth blaring Keisha’s “Timber” (a favourite of mine). However, I didn’t see any speakers. And then I realised: The music was coming from the fence!  

Specifically, the pixie lights on the fence:

Bright Tunes, a product from Innovative Technologies, combines Bluetooth speakers with strands of lights, allowing you to play music from your phone or tablet.

Here are some of the varieties:

I wish I had had these clever speakers when I was in college. Imagine how much cooler my Friday night pregame sessions would have been! Or, how convenient for my lazy study sessions from my bed. 

Because they’re weather resistant, Bright Tunes also make a lot of sense for porches (to add to an outdoor soirée). Alternatively, you could pop some on your Christmas tree. 

Simple idea, yes, but definitely one of the things I’ve seen at CES so far that I’d actually love to own. 

Watch the company promo vid here:


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